News from Canada!!


‘It was cats everywhere’: 146 felines seized from Welland, Ont. home!!


The humane society in Welland, Ont., is spaying, neutering and vaccinating as quickly as it can after 146 cats were seized last week from a home.

There were so many cats, executive director John Greer said, that the shelter had to shut down for an afternoon just to handle them all.

“We’ve never, ever seen numbers like that from inside one home.”

The humane society first found out about the problem on Feb. 8, when Niagara Regional Police and local bailiffs were evicting a married couple from a home in the King Street and Ontario Road area.

“When the bailiffs entered the home to change the locks, it was just cats everywhere,” Greer said.

Pulsating aurora spotted in Canada helps explain northern lights’ origin!


Scientists have figured out what causes pulsating auroras, a rarely seen form of northern lights in the night sky. And it was partly thanks to a lucky observation of the phenomenon in Canada.

From a Japanese satellite, researchers measured these factors from a point near the Earth:

  • Waves in the plasma — a gas of charged particles — in the area of outer space surrounding Earth’s atmosphere called the magnetosphere.
  • Levels of particles called electrons that can generate auroras.

Then they tracked the particles to The Pas, Manitoba, where an all-sky camera had captured images of the resulting pulsating aurora. The researchers obtained the data with the help of the Canadian Space Agency.

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